require SmarterMail version 14.3 download
Question asked by Softsys Hosting - 10/21/2020 at 7:20 PM
I am not able to find SmarterMail v 14.3 download on SmarterTools. Can you please provide us link for download SmarterMail v 14.3?

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David Fisher Replied
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Hi Softsys Hosting,

  This link will download the latest SmarterMail v14.x (14.7.6347 (May 18, 2017))

   If you are licensed to run 14.3, you can run 14.7.  If you need v14.3 for a certain
reason, you probably need to contact sales at smartertools.com and ask for it from them.

   Note - In the future, you can also log into smartertools.com site and click on Legacy Builds and see all the various versions and download them, you can only download the latest v1.x through v16.x builds though.

Best Regards,

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