Response for a ticket put the ticket back into the "Global Queue"
Question asked by Marcel Ammann - 2/25/2020 at 10:07 AM
When a customer sends a response to a ticket that has been assigned to an agent, the ticket is put back into the "Global Queue" and must be returned to the agent. 
Can this be disabled so that the response goes back to the agnet that originally took the ticket?

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Marcel,

This can be accomplished by making sure the agent is set to actively receive tickets in their groups. If your account has the Manager role, you can quickly make sure that all agents are active in all groups they're in. Click on the Dashboard icon and choose Group Dashboard or Employee Dashboard. Depending on the dashboard you choose, you'll either get a list of employees or groups. You can double-click on the employee or group and use the Select All checkbox to make all groups or agents actively receive tickets. 

An agent can be set to Pull from Queue for the group, and as long as they're active in that group, any tickets they take from the Queue will remain with them through customer replies. 
If you want agents to only keep SOME tickets, they can remain inactive in the group and use the Pin Ticket option to keep the certain tickets. 

You can learn more about Active Groups here: 

I hope this helps!

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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