If people are in copy or blind copy, their answers should not be mixed with the original
Idea shared by Roeland Buisman - 1/14/2020 at 3:07 AM
Under Consideration
I hope something can be done about this point: 

When I have a ticket conversation, where I need to copy someone in the message (CC or BCC) these people many times answer with "internal" questions or answers that are not mentioned to be seen by the original reciepient. Therefore It would be desirable, that when someone is in copy, they would receive a slightly other ticketnumber that is connected to the original only in smartertrack. Their responses should not mix with the original threads if that is not wanted. 

The same for messages that are forwarded. If I forward to another person, it means that I want to ask this person questions or give information without the original reciepient knowing. So if the forwarded person answers, his answers should not be mixed in the complete conversation. 

Hope something can be done about this subject.  

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Hi Roeland,

These are great suggestions.  I've submitted them to the developers for discussion and changed this thread to be under consideration.
Is there any news on this subject please?

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