Transfer Tickets Across Multiple Installations

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterTrack. View articles for SmarterTrack 14.x and earlier.

Businesses that use multiple installations of SmarterTrack can easily transfer tickets from one installation to another. For example, if a company has an office in the U.S. and an office in Italy using different installations of SmarterTrack, an Agent in the U.S. office can transfer a ticket to an Agent in the Italy office. NOTE: When an Agent transfers a ticket to another installation, the original ticket's status will change to closed and locked. All ticket information except for the related items will be copied to the new installation and the ticket will be assigned a new number.

Follow these steps to configure the ability to transfer tickets across SmarterTrack installations:

  1. Log in to the SmarterTrack management interface as a system administrator.
  2. Select Settings from the navigation icon.
  3. Click Connected Services, then click on the SmarterTrack Connections tab.
  4. Click the Add button. The SmarterTrack Connection modal will open. 
  5. First, you'll want to name the connection. In our example from above, you could use "Italian Office Helpdesk".
  6. In the SmarterTrack Base URL field, type the URL of the other SmarterTrack installation.
  7. In the Admin Username and Password fields, type the username and password for the System Administrator of the SmarterTrack installation you're connecting to.
  8. Click the Save button. SmarterTrack will attempt to connect to the new installation. 
  9. Go back to the Integrations tab and click the Save button in the content pane toolbar.
For more information, please see the Ticket Settings page of the SmarterTrack Online Help.


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