SmarterMail Beta trial license key disables my Cyren Antispam
Problem reported by Mike Wiegers - 1/3/2020 at 8:11 AM
When I apply the beta key I no longer have Cyren Antispam. I went back to my license key with the beta build. Do I need to roll back SmarterMail to a previous version or can I leave the beta build installed and just not be able to test the MAPI features? If I use the start trial button on MAPI/EWS it would give me 30 days. What are my options?

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Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post

When you are using the BETA key, did you try starting a trial for Cyren Premium Antispam?
Emily Ward
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Mike Wiegers Replied
No, won't that just give me the 30-day trial? I don't want to have it to stop working again. 
Mike Wiegers Replied

I tried doing as you suggested, use beta key and then tried starting the Cyren trial, and received this message.

"There was an error starting your trial. Contact SmarterTools sales for more information."

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