Shared Calendars do not work with EM Client
Problem reported by digital.iway - 12/20/2019 at 5:17 AM

I am using SmarterMail 17 Build 7242 and the email account I am adding to emclinet has 4 shared calendars which I need to appear in em client.  There are issues with this process that need clarification in the documentation so I am hoping some of you can help.

Goal: add one email account and then add all 4 shared calendars inside em client.

Issue one: (No shared calendars will add/appear)

If I add the calendar using the account credentials as required and using CalDav then only the account calendar shows up not the additional shared calendars,  Why and what process should I be using to add the shares?


Issue two: (CalDav and CarDav do not separate)

When adding a CalDav calendar it will also bring in all the contacts for that account and that is a problem.  We only need to add the CALENDAR and not the CONTACTS.  How can we add only one or the other??

This support article below needs more details added to it so people know procedures: https://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2964/configure-carddav-and-caldav-for-em-client.aspx 


Issue three: (EWS fails to show shared resources)

When adding an EWS enabled account the main account calendar will only appear but no contacts.  How can I add shared calendars to this EWS account and do I even need EWS to do this?  

After reviewing the article below I am unable to see any shared resources via the “public folder” option and there are many calendars shared to this account.  There needs to be more details and clarification added to that article below.

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