Separate category for Beta versions
Idea shared by pjeski - 12/12/2019 at 5:36 AM
It would be nice if you could create a separate category for Beta builds. When I try to browse for new threads, the forum seems to be completely taken over by Beta discussion.

Also, while the beta is going on, are there no more updates to the release version?

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I suppose SmarterTools wants as soon as possible to only have one sourcecode/branch to maintain/edit, so their aim could  be to release MAPI as a public/stable release very soon. Or they could release their new code-branch as "stable" and with just keeping MAPI in its beta-state. Due to the massive number of entries/comments just concerning MAPI-protocol it should be clear that there still need some issues being addressed+solved.

There was a beta category during the first month of the "closed beta" - but there it was very quiet, was too early to address any customers for beta testing as Derek already admitted.

I agree that kind of a "MAPI public beta" group/category at community could make sense.
Or - in case of having a MAPI release soon - just a "MAPI-protocol"-category (without beta and without public in the name).
They  had a Beta forum but they deleted it and all the MAPI related problem posts.

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