Sound notification on website side when a message is received in chat?
Question asked by Pantheon - 10/2/2019 at 2:15 PM
Is there somewhere in the settings to enable this? I cannot find it. I have used an older version of ST in the past i.e. version 11.2, and it has sound notifications on the website side of chat when an agent sends a message to a customer. This doesn't happen on my trial version I'm using, though.

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No, this doesn't exist in the latest version of SmarterTrack.  However, there is an active feature request to add it back in.
Pantheon Replied
Why was it removed? It's such an important feature. I hate when I go to a site and they have a live chat with no sound notifications, because I don't sit in front of the chat window, so a sound lets me know when the agent replies. What would be the reason to remove this feature from your chat? It needs to be added back.
Pantheon Replied
What is the reason this was removed? Is there some issue with having to let a user be able to mute the sound? Having sound notifications on the website side is a huge deal. Every time I go to a live chat without sound, I comment on it, because this is why it's such an issue. 

Usually when I'm in a live chat, the agent will tell me to wait for them to look up something or go ask someone something, and I don't want to just sit staring at the chat window for 5 minutes, so I go to another website or do something else, and I cannot tell when the agent replies without a sound notification, so I might go back and check and be 5 minutes late or maybe they haven't even replied yet, so checking was a waste of time. 

I mean, it's essential to me to have a sound notification on the website side for the customer, so they know when the agent replies. I still have a copy of the old free edition, which has sound notifications on the website side. Is there a piece of code I could just copy to the new version? I just want to know if it would be relatively easy for me to add the sound notifications back in, and I'll have a developer do it for me.

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