SmarterMail - lost features going from SM15 to current version
Problem reported by Frank Cheung - 10/1/2019 at 9:19 AM

I am not sure if any of you noticed, SmarterMail 17 (or what they call Build 7xxx) lost some very good functions compare to previous versions of SmarterMail (SM14 – 16)

We no longer have the ability to restore email by “Reload Domain”

Prior to SmarterMail 17, we were able to restore a domain (domain settings and mailbox content) by simply copying the archived email content to the file system and issue a “Reload Domain”.  With the new version of SmarterMail, we were told that the only way to restore a domain is to copy the email content to the file system and restart the email service.  As many of you know, restarting SmarterMail service disrupt service for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the number of domains you have on the server.  

This is a key feature for us because many of our customer decide to reactivate their account after cancellation and we need to be able to restore email service for them.

I do not understand why the “New and Improved” version lost this key capability.  We’ve asked tech support about this but we just got a response saying they will file this as a feature request.  We’ve waited for 9 months but have yet to hear anything back.

Removing spam message in Spool is a nightmare in SmarterMail 16 and up

We often get compromised email account which dumps thousands of email in the spool.  Smartermail is configured to throttle those email and leave them in the spool.  With SM15 and prior, we can use the Spool -> All Messages to search for ALL offending email and remove them.

With SM 16 and newer, we can still search for the offending email but it will only show 200 at a time.  In many cases, spammer are able to send 8000 to 10000 email before we catch them.  Since the search only shows 200 result at a time, it will take us a lot of time to get rid of the spam.

Again, support has filed a “feature request” but we have not heard anything back.

In addition, the feature of “Delete messages” in the spam overview doesn’t work either.

I hope someone at SmarterTools sees this post and consider our position.

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Frank. After reading your post I just wanted to quickly chime in here and give you some info to perhaps make your job a bit easier. 

My company, Mail's Best Friend offers a 100% free program (we only charge for support) called Declude Hijack. Hijack prevents mass amounts of spam messages from even making it to your SM spool in the event of a compromised account.

If you would like to learn more about it, below are some links to our KB articles for Hijack and the Hijack user's manual. I hope this helps some and please let me know if you have any questions. :)







Linda Pagillo Mail's Best Friend Email: linda.pagillo@mailsbestfriend.com Web: www.mailsbestfriend.com Authorized SmarterTools Reseller Authorized Message Sniffer Reseller
Reto Replied
Hi Frank.

I'm not sure, but perhaps you could create the domain in smartermail, overwrite the domain on the filesystem and
then use the Function "Reload Domain" (Manage, Three Dots Button) to get the domain back without service restart. 

When we have a compromised account the actions on the "Top Outbound Senders" list works. We do first "Disable User", then "Drop Connections" and then "Delete Messages" to get rid of of all the mails. 

Best Regards,
Frank Cheung Replied
HI Reto.

Reload domain works correctly up to version 16. It no longer work w/ the new SM17 (or build). ST support confirmed this.

Delete message in SM15 works fine but not on the newer version.  You can actually find other users complaining about this

Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Frank, I did not confirm that this does not work. I was advising you on the recommended way of restoring your domain. You're welcome to test this in your environment.
Kyle Kerst System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Frank Cheung Replied

I wasn't referring to the ticket we opened recently.  This was confirmed back in Jan 2019

Ticket #: 0BB-23C8D896-0001

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