New SmarterMail Release -- Build 7188
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - September 6 at 1:33 PM
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Build 7188 (Sept 6, 2019)

  • Added: Added a message in the delivery log to state when a user Alias address is received and being expanded, or parsed, to its individual recipients.
  • Added: Added AUTH=PLAIN capability to IMAP response.
  • Changed: Added more description to the "Mailbox is locked" delivery log entries.
  • Changed: Display dates are more consistent throughout web interface.
  • Changed: Error messages have been clarified when account importing reports an "Invalid LDAP string".
  • Fixed: Accept and Decline meeting buttons appear on response emails to the organizer.
  • Fixed: Accepting an appointment invite in Mac Mail (EWS) does not add the appointment to the calendar.
  • Fixed: Cannot search Inbox for messages with System Administrator as sender.
  • Fixed: Content filter date range does not work on Portuguese mail servers.
  • Fixed: Content filter logging is not logging any information.
  • Fixed: Default system event notifications show raw HTML in the subject and body.
  • Fixed: Delivery manager is using the DNS bounces value instead of the Retry value for delivery reattempts.
  • Fixed: Delivery Status Notification NOTIFY parameters other than NEVER are not properly handled.
  • Fixed: Duplicate entries can be entered in SMTP blocks.
  • Fixed: Error syncing contacts via SharePoint (Add to Outlook) if any contact has the wedding anniversary property set.
  • Fixed: From address field in event actions and system messages not persisting after saving.
  • Fixed: Issue uploading very large files (over 10GB) to File Storage.
  • Fixed: Issue where the last message header field could be lost during parsing.
  • Fixed: Issue with indexer causing abnormally high CPU usage.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which users might not be able to delete messages in Windows Mail or on iOS devices connected via EAS.
  • Fixed: Scenario where email message popup window would show significantly different time than the original message.
  • Fixed: Scenario where renaming a recipient after a message has been sent to them would causing a bounce loop.
  • Fixed: Scenarios in which Delivery Status Notifications could get stuck in the spool and constantly get delivered.
  • Fixed: Snoozing or dismissing a reminder in Outlook for Mac (EWS) does not work.
  • Fixed: Stopping and starting services states in Sys Admin > Manage > Troubleshooting > Services are not persisting.
  • Fixed: The #toaddress# variable does not work in Send Email event action.
  • Fixed: Throttling threshold values are not treating zero value as unlimited.
  • Fixed: Top Outbound Sender dashboard does not report users that are relaying through the server.
  • Fixed: Totals on System Message Traffic reports, when switching between Trend and Domains, are not the same. NOTE: this fix is not retroactive.
  • Fixed: Unable to save the primary system administrator account when adding an IP restriction.
  • Translations: Updated Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and German translation files.
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