New SmarterMail Release -- Build 7153
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - August 2 at 11:28 AM
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Build 7153 (Aug 2, 2019)

  • Added: Added a long-press to web interface for mobile devices to open context menus.
  • Added: Added functionality for local emails to bounce when a user's GRP file is locked after spool retry count exceeded.
  • Added: Added recovery email address to user CSV export/import options.
  • Added: Added the ability to handle sending read receipts using EWS.
  • Added: Added three new report REST APIs to get domain or user statistics. (See API Documentation > Reports)
  • Added: Admins can now use right-click context menu to view recipients for messages on Spool and Waiting to Deliver pages.
  • Added: Conference rooms are now properly synced to EWS clients.
  • Added: New REST API to report statistics for domains covering a date range.
  • Added: Setting in system settings.json for imap_give_capabilities_on_login; if set to false it will not advertise IMAP capabilities to client.
  • Added: The Spool and Waiting to Deliver lists will display a collective total of 50,000 emails in the interface. When this visual limit has been exceeded, a banner will appear to explain this limitation.
  • Added: User Aliases can now have a display name associated with them.
  • Changed: Changed task reminders to be date/time based rather than relative to task start/end.
  • Changed: Contacts grid view is no longer visible on mobile devices.
  • Changed: Made error response consistent when deleting or moving a message.
  • Changed: Previous "Error" log has been renamed "IIS" log since it reported IIS issues; created a new "Error" log for general error reporting.
  • Fixed: Adding an appointment to a domain calendar does not show in All Appointment web interface view without a page refresh.
  • Fixed: Cannot import ICS calendar file into a domain calendar.
  • Fixed: Clicking Accept/Decline button for a meeting invite in the Deleted Items will still send an accept/decline response.
  • Fixed: Clicking on any public folder also displays the GAL folder in EWS clients.
  • Fixed: Deleting a domain would not delete the RSS and meetings subfolders, which prevented the domain folder from being deleted.
  • Fixed: Dismissing a reminder in Outlook for Mac (EWS) does not work.
  • Fixed: Domain level disk reports do not show nor export data properly due to localization issues.
  • Fixed: Fixed another scenario where the subject line could contain mailing list password.
  • Fixed: Folders with a path containing "." or " " at the end do not load.
  • Fixed: If collaboration item contained a category not in the user's master category list, the item will not show in web interface.
  • Fixed: Implemented EWS SendItem command for AquaMail Android client app.
  • Fixed: In EWS clients, room reservations are not being released when the accompanying appointment is deleted.
  • Fixed: in IMAP clients, folders created with a space at the end of the folder name are not being handled properly.
  • Fixed: Issue where attaching a user immediately caused their folders to be rebuilt unnecessarily.
  • Fixed: It is possible to set a calendar appointment end date to occur before the start date if specifying a different time zone.
  • Fixed: Mailing list MAIL FROM field is not updating properly.
  • Fixed: Messages with malformed or unparsable HTML do not fallback to plain text view.
  • Fixed: Minor display fixes in web interface for recurring appointment information.
  • Fixed: Need to prevent content filters from forwarding bounce messages and auto-responses.
  • Fixed: Pasting text into Froala editor then using Clear Formatting removes that text, in addition to the formatting.
  • Fixed: Public folders do not seem to be showing up when viewing them in Outlook for Mac (EWS).
  • Fixed: Recurring appointments created in webmail with EndBy date or Until count cannot be edited to Forever.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which duplicate calendar appointments (usually one tentative and other accepted) may appear in EAS clients.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which EWS client may not correctly update or delete single occurrences of a recurring appointment.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which messages created in EWS client do not get automatically displayed in the web interface.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which SmarterMail is autodiscovering to Outlook as MAPI only.
  • Fixed: Signature links that end with ".sg" do not hyperlink correctly.
  • Fixed: Some invalid LDAP import strings could take more than 10 seconds to resolve with no interface indication of delay.
  • Fixed: Task dates and reminders are not syncing properly via EWS.
  • Fixed: The EndBy date default does not get updated when the event date is modified in web interface.
  • Fixed: Unable to snooze calendar appointment reminders in EWS clients.
  • Fixed: User Verification dropdown item is still editable for Incoming Gateways even if the SmarterMail Gateway Mode is disabled.
  • Fixed: Users may be unable to change their password after entering a common password until service reset.
  • Translations: Added "SPOOL_WAITING_LIMIT_MESSAGE" translation key.
  • Translations: Changed the "SPOOL_QUARANTINE_LIMIT_MESSAGE" and "CLOUD_STORAGE_PROVIDERS_TITLE" translation values.
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