Text filtering on EHLO field
Idea shared by Ben Conner - 6/3/2019 at 8:51 PM

One of the things I'm seeing is a lot of spammers self-identifying with bogus values in the EHLO parameter when they connect.  Example from the smtp log from yesterday:

server                                                Frequency   Percent
ADMIN                                                      176      4.60                                                   70      1.83
mx-out.facebook.com                                         64      1.67
ylmf-pc                                                     59      1.54
boldego.icu                                                 58      1.52
halfred.icu                                                 55      1.44
unitybus.icu                                                54      1.41
nat1.mia2.cbssports.com                                     46      1.20
smtprelay.registrarmail.net                                 30      0.78
rouge.fightalz.bid                                          21      0.55

Were I to have filtering control over the server name given in the EHLO statement, I would block any server with .icu, .bid, .stream, etc. from dropping off mail.  And ADMIN.  

While I can do this post-analysis, having it as an upfront rule would be quite useful.


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Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Ben. 

The EHLO command is something that can be blocked. You would do this from the SMTP blocks tab under security. 

SMTP block allows three entry types. 
  • EHLO
  • Domain
  • email address
Thank you
Tony Scholz
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