New SmarterTrack Release Available -- Build 7067
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - May 8 at 5:36 PM
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Build 7067 (May 8, 2019)

  • Added: Events permission for "Trigger system-level manual events" that give agents the ability to trigger just system-level manual events.
  • Added: Live Chats > Departments > Auto-Delete settings so that administrators can configure when to automatically delete and purge old live chats and conserve disk space usage.
  • Added: The title of the outbound RSS feed now includes the brand name.
  • Changed: Call Logs > Auto-Delete is now enabled by default for new departments.
  • Changed: Custom role permissions for Knowledge Base Comments, News, Tasks, and Call Logs always grant the appropriate View permission. (Previously View was its own permission.)
  • Changed: For Survey reports, By Brand, By Agent and By Survey navigation items should depend on the Survey > View Summary permission.
  • Changed: Link related permissions.
  • Changed: Merged the "Create and Edit organization users" permission into the "Create and Edit organizations" permission.
  • Changed: Move Distribution > View Queue to Live Chats > View Queue and Tickets > View Queue permissions.
  • Changed: Tickets > Auto-Delete is now enabled by default for new departments.
  • Fixed: "Create and Edit organizations" permission is not properly enforced.
  • Fixed: Administrators can't see threads needing moderation if they are in a category that requires a role the administrator doesn't have.
  • Fixed: Agents with custom News permissions cannot see the news icon in the management interface.
  • Fixed: Banned users are not being properly handled when submitting new tickets or adding Knowledge Base feedback.
  • Fixed: Community categories exclude administrators when trying to access a thread in that category.
  • Fixed: Custom Fields with default values may not be saved properly.
  • Fixed: Distribution role set to none still allows transfer in certain areas.
  • Fixed: Editing a community post can cause the default font to be misconfigured for that post.
  • Fixed: Embedded inline images are not properly displaying in emails when viewed with Thunderbird.
  • Fixed: Follow Up availability is inconsistent for agents without transfer permissions.
  • Fixed: Groups in the ticket navigation tree not sorting properly.
  • Fixed: If an employee role is deleted, agents who had that role get an Oops! page when they try to navigate or refresh the Management Interface.
  • Fixed: Live Chats > Advanced Search only returns chats that the agent is a member of.
  • Fixed: Managers can view items they shouldn't be able to see by popping them out from a related task.
  • Fixed: On upgrade, it is possible for Knowledge Base Articles to not be visible on the portal if the article is not associated with any languages.
  • Fixed: Saving a News Item without a selected language can cause an endless spinner.
  • Fixed: Sending a ticket message may hang when business hours are set to end at midnight.
  • Fixed: Some actions on the Knowledge Base Articles content pane are not properly restricted based on the agent's permissions.
  • Fixed: Survey > View Details permission is not enforced properly.
  • Fixed: Tasks > Custom permissions are not being properly enforced.
  • Fixed: The Clear Helpfulness Votes function is not properly controlled by the Knowledge Base Articles > Modify permission.
  • Fixed: The News > Delete and News > Review permissions are not enforced properly.
  • Fixed: Ticket counts are off for administrators who are not members of all groups.
  • Fixed: When a dropdown custom field without a default value is left blank in chat submission, it is shown on the chat conversation tab with the field name as the value.
  • Fixed: When a user only has None or Read Only permissions for Knowledge Base Articles, they can still flag Knowledge Base Articles for review.
  • Fixed: When editing a block of text, the source code view is not formatted in a friendly manner.
  • Fixed: When editing a signature, the Insert Link popup is partially obscured.
  • Fixed: When editing the active agents for a group in the Group Dashboard, the agents are listed in a random order.
  • Fixed: When Max Messages is set to 0, forwarding a message doesn't include the forwarded message.
  • Removed: IP Address on initial community thread posts.
  • Removed: The View role permission from Knowledge Base Comments, News, Tasks, and Call Logs.
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