Please change side bar menus to TREELIST that shows all settings areas
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 5/6/2019 at 12:20 PM
Under Consideration
7053 Ent Edition. Try doing some usability testing and ask a user to find a setting. You know how long it takes to find Trusted Senders? Your UI is not very discoverable and extremely frustrating. Imagine if instead you had Spam Settings with a sub-node of Trusted Senders on the left side bar:

-Spam Settings
----Trusted Senders

It's visible in a single list where I can find and navigate to what I need. Instead I'm clicking through every admin area and looking across top nav bars, columns of options, on and on. Not ideal at all. Please reconsider this UI.

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Tony Scholz Replied
Employee Post
Hello Neal, 

The tree structure that you are referencing was used in SmarterMail 15 and earlier. 

  • IMPORTANT: SmarterMail 16.x has a completely redesigned, modern and mobile-friendly web interface for both system administrators and webmail users! The new web interface uses a number of the latest web technologies and utilizes the new and powerful API-driven architecture within SmarterMail. (16.0.6345)

I will pass along the request to the development team.  

Thank you
Tony Scholz
System/Network Administrator
SmarterTools Inc.
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