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Question asked by Tim Winkelmann - 4/17/2019 at 8:31 AM

We are developing a website related to our support platform.
We would like to add a link on the SmarterTrack homepage next to the default ones (see capture below) that redirects to that website.

The solution I'm about to implement requires injecting new C# code into SmarterTrack.
I will also need to automate that process, because SmarterTrack is updated very often.

Is there any other way you would recommand going about this ?

Thanks in advance
Tim Winkelmann

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Merle Wait Replied
Well... what I have done is...
change the default start page in IIS to be something other than default.aspx; then created my own page... 
It saves the pain worrying about it being wiped out during upgrades and installs

Tim Winkelmann Replied
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To follow up on this, I ended up adding a script tag in "MRS\MasterPages\PortalContent.Master" that gets rendered only if the user is authenticated (UserHelper.PortalUser.IsAuthenticated).
That script gets the ".top-navigation-bar > ul" element with JQuery and adds a new list item following the pattern of the other links.

It works well and can easily be injected or removed from the file with a Powershell script when SmarterTrack gets updated.

Hope this helps someone.
Ghasem Yaghoubi Replied
hi tim,
could you please share your code ?

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