Use our own message sniffer license
Idea shared by Ben - 4/13/2019 at 1:56 AM
For those of us that already have an external MS license, it would be great if it could be used with the built in SM implementation.

No need to rely on declude or the command line scanner then! 

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I'm going to bump this a year later - it especially makes sense for people on the SMB or SOHO plans.
Last time this was discussed, I do believe I remember them saying something about their licensing agreement with Arm Labs stated that they could only use their license(s) with their implementations. I could be wrong though. 
Bumping this again too- when I talked to the MessageSniffer folks a long time ago, I didn't get the impression there was any reason we couldn't use the existing license, just that SmarterTools didn't implement a way to do it. Would be great if we ST would implement this, even though I know it'd mean a few bucks less commission for them.

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