New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 7008
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - March 11 at 7:04 AM
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Build 7008 (Mar 10, 2019)
  • Added: Ability to recalculate user disk usage using the"Refresh Disk Usage" from the Actions menu on the Users grid.
  • Added: Warning banner on Sys Admin > Antispam > Options page if autoresponder / content filter bouncing require SPF checks but SPF spool filtering is disabled.
  • Changed: Behavior of "Disable AUTH LOGIN for SMTP authentication" setting works for only non-SSL SMTP connections now (changed setting name to reflect this behavior).
  • Changed: If a message fails no spam checks, "Failed checks: " is no longer shown in the SMTP log for that message.
  • Changed: Removed the indexing max thread count limit of 16 in the validator (no upper limit).
  • Changed: Removed the validation from EHLO/Domain/Email address field in SMTP Blocking.
  • Changed: Sending from an alias will now include the sending user's display name in the from address.
  • Changed: Updated Yahoo! outbound IPs in default greylist filters.
  • Efficiency: Improved behavior of the greylist file to reduce I/O load.
  • Efficiency: Significantly improved ability to handle concurrent requests for webmail users.
  • Fixed: "Disable Greylisting" setting is not available in User Defaults page.
  • Fixed: "Use server time zone" time zone setting shows as "Not set" in propagation modals.
  • Fixed: A newly created conference room does not appear in list until browser is refreshed.
  • Fixed: Added missing graphic for "locked" (e.g., password protected) file in File Store area.
  • Fixed: Attempting to export a user-shared contact results in "No contacts to export" toast notification.
  • Fixed: Cannot mark messages read/unread in web interface when using Spanish language.
  • Fixed: Domain-shared calendars are appearing in the Map Calendar modal despite already being attached.
  • Fixed: Domains list does not show all domains if any are failing to load.
  • Fixed: Erroneous error message showing up when you create a shared folder.
  • Fixed: Greylist bypassing by country is not working.
  • Fixed: Opening the Ports tab on Bindings with no ports configured throws an exception.
  • Fixed: Propagating "Use server time zone" to users not setting time zone correctly.
  • Fixed: Remote deliveries to servers accepting SMTP connections but not accepting mail being counted as successful sessions.
  • Fixed: Renaming a folder, leaving the mail section, then returning to the mail section shows a blank page.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which all mapped user-shared calendar could could show as "My Calendar on {user}".
  • Fixed: Scenario in which moving messages between folders on iOS devices would display error message then message would "disappear" from device (still existed in webmail).
  • Fixed: Scenario in which SPF and rDNS checks could erroneously fail.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which System Messages are missing after a conversion.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which users cannot attach to shared calendars (case sensitivity with user names).
  • Fixed: Scenario where new accounts could not be created unless impersonating a domain admin.
  • Fixed: Searching SMTP log for related traffic displays non-related sessions.
  • Fixed: Some ActiveSync clients show appointment details for conference rooms.
  • Fixed: Some emails adding 'undefined' to the text when replying.
  • Fixed: Sorting "Failed to load domains" does not always show at the top of the list on first page.
  • Fixed: When SMTP Blocking is disabled, the SMTP logs still show a line about the threshold.
  • Translations: Changed the value of "SYSADMIN_SECURITY_CLIENT_TIMEOUT"
  • Translations: Changed the value of "SYSADMIN_SECURITY_DISABLE_TIME"
  • Translations: Updated German translation file.

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