Calendar not syncing all appointments using activesync
Problem reported by Matthew Conder - 3/5/2019 at 9:03 PM

I am using the latest release of smartermail. The problem is now only some appointments are syncing to android or iPhone with activesync. This started a few releases back, but not sure of the exact release number. Some events just disappeared. If I login to the web interface, everything is there, but will not sync. If I edit an appointment it will sync but only for about a day or so and then it disappears again. I have tried with the samsung built in calendar, gmail calendar and now I just setup the exchange account on an iPhone and it only synced the same appointments as android. I wish I knew which release this started with but I don't. I thought it was a phone issue at first, as we have used smartermail for years with no issues. I have updated the version 2 times now and the issue is still present. Just to state it again, we are using activesync for the calendar sync. Email and contacts seem fine, but approximately only half the appointments will sync. Any ideas to fix this or others have the same issue?


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Matthew Conder Replied
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Well I never heard a single response from Smartertools on this issue, so hope that isn't showing how support is going to be in the future.

Either way, hopefully this might help someone else. I believe I found a fix for the issue. During an upgrade, any appointment that had a timezone set other then UTC, is what stopped syncing. So, to resolve the issue, login to your webmail interface, go to calendar and click on the appointment to edit. If it's a series of repeating appointments, click on go to series before you edit it. Disable show timezones and adjust the time according to what it really should be, if needed, and save it. I did this to all appointments and so far everything is staying synced to my activesync mobile calendar.

Hope this helps someone else!
echoDreamz Replied
Forums are not really "support", its more for the community to engage and interact with each other, spread ideas, group effort :) If you would like support, they have a ticketing system and they are very responsive on it, you can access at https://www.smartertools.com/account/#/support

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