Adding Delegates in Outlook for Mac

"Delegation" is the ability to give another user on your domain access to various areas of your SmarterMail account: email folders, tasks, notes, calendars, etc. Giving this access means that user can act as you for things like setting up appointments, sending emails, and more. 

Below are steps for setting up a delegate in Microsoft Outlook for MacOS.  (NOTE: you will need to have your SmarterMail account synced via MAPI/EWS in order to add delegates.)

1. Log into Outlook for Mac.
2. From the Outlook menu, go to Tools -> Accounts.
3. Select the account you want to include delegates.
4. On the Account page, click the Advanced button.
5. In the Advanced window, click the Delegates tab.
6. Click the + in the bottom, left of the Delegates area to add a new delegate.
7. In the Choose a Person window, start typing the name of the contact you want to add as a delegate. Outlook will display a list of choices based on what you type.
8. Select the person from the choices, then click the Add button.
9. The Permissions window opens. Set the permissions you want to give the delegate, then click the OK button.
10. Once all delegates have been added, click the OK button.
11. Delegates are managed essentially the same way: Simply repeat Step 5 to re-open the Delegates window to add additional delegates, remove them, or manage their permissions and properties.
12. In addition, you can see the Delegates that are part of your SmarterMail account in the webmail interface. Simply log in to your SmarterMail account, and go to Settings -> Sharing and click on the Delegation tab.
13. You can see the Delegates and the various permissions given for each area. While you cannot fully manage Delegates from the webmail interface, you can remove them. Removing them via webmail also removes them from Outlook.