Migrating from Ver 15 to Ver 17 and new server
Question asked by Heimir Eidskrem - March 5 at 6:35 PM
We are currently using version 15.
Been using Smartermail for years and years.

We want to upgrade to latest version so we dont fall to far behind.
While doing that we want to install this on a new server.

Does a guide to do the migration exist?
I see the one where  you install on the same server.
Can I just setup a new server, copy the data then install the latest version?

I assume that version 17 is ready for prime time.
We really need MAPI asap, our customers wants Exchange like functions and are looking at O365.


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Anne Campbell Replied
Don't do it if you use any sharing features, you want spell checking, you want to be able to see more than 8 emails at a time on list and numerous other features that have just disappeared

We moved across last week for very same reason and its been biggest head ache,  I've had requests from every department in our our place to move back to V15.

We have lost all our shares (we had a slick shared heir archy of folders in place) and SM have not responded to my plea for help on how to retrieve them setting up again in V17 is going to take days !!!!
Heimir Eidskrem Replied
Thank you for your response.

I would like to know the migration path if someone could respond.

Its odd that not more people responded, I thought more people would have an input based on their experience.


David Jamell Replied
I don't think there is specific documentation to cover Migrating AND Upgrading at the same time.

That said, you might check out this thread:

JerseyConnect Team Replied
The last time I did an upgrade and migration at the same time was with v14. This was also with a VM where SM was installed on it's own volume, so I just moved the virtual disk and then did the SM upgrade. 

In your case you probably want to either upgrade in place on the existing system then copy your data over to the new server or install the current version on the new server, copy the data, and then do the upgrade.
Paul Blank Replied
You will probably do well to install the version you are currently using on the new server, then stop all SM services, copy all the data and configuration files to the new server over the just-installed version, restart the services, and check for proper operation (you will of course need to configure IIS and stop the SM web service).

You should then verify that all is working as well as it was on the old server.

Then, you can do the upgrade in-place to v100(v17). Most of your original settings should be preserved - you'll need to double check things and read any notes about it here on the forum.

This is exactly what I did when moving from v11 to v15. It went well.

If you attempt it a different way, you perhaps risk compounding problems related to the migration itself, and the troubleshooting will be more difficult.

I am repeating myself here from previous posts: I am staying with v15 for the time being. It's very stable, and is all I need for the time being.

Just my opinion. YMMV

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