Outlook 2019 - Can't delete IMAP emails properly.
Problem reported by Tony L - 1/22/2019 at 6:03 PM
Background: We are running SmarterMail Version - 15.7.6915 on Windows server.

Issue: Client using Outlook 2019 (part of office 365 subscription)

Client is reporting: I can't delete any mail in the inbox. If I delete a mail I see a copy of the mail in Deleted Items, but the mail remains in the Inbox.

I have searched the community threads and saw a similar thread about Outlook 2016

  have checked release notes related to version 15, and does not see any fix about this issue. Thanks

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Jon Messenger Replied
Having the same issue with Outlook 2019 but with Smartermail 16.3.6989 

Was any solution found for this? No answers in over 2 years!

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