Importing tickets from OSTicket or other
Question asked by jordan Car - 12/21/2018 at 8:42 AM
Hello there,

I am wondering if anyone has done an import from OSTicket or other in the past that could offer some insight? I imagine we can use the API of Smartertrack for the import, I'm just not overly familiar with the required fields when creating a ticket via API etc.

Any help is appreciated :)

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echoDreamz Replied
https://help-desk-migration.com/osticket-to-smartertrack-migration/ I have no idea if this works or anything, just found it Googling for an answer.
jordan Car Replied
I had look at it initially too, but it was a "no current support, but send us all your details and we will see if it can be done". Wasn't to excited about that idea lol

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