Mark Spam - Where did this message action go?
Question asked by Brantz - 12/14/2018 at 8:42 AM
The latest update has seemed to remove "Mark Spam" from the message actions menu.  It's still listed in the online help - where did it go?  Thx.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hello Brantz, 

Mark Spam has been removed. After the removal of Bayesian Filtering, this button would only move the message to the Junk Email folder. For managing your emails, you'll now have options for Block / Unblock Sender and Trust / Untrust Sender. When you block a sender, it will add the sender's address to your Blocked Senders list (which can be found in Spam Filtering) and perform the block sender action on the selected emails. You can modify your block sender action to move messages from those senders to Deleted Items or Junk Email or to delete them outright. (I believe the default action will be to move them to Junk Email.) 

You also have email options for Create Filter or Add Sender to Filter. These act as shortcuts to create a new filter for similar messages or to add a sender's address to an existing content filter. 

I will ensure the documentation is updated to reflect these changes. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


kevind Replied

You bring up a good point.  Most email systems have a 'Mark as Spam' button, so users expect this functionality. Plus, if Bayes ever gets fixed, users don't have to be retrained.

Idea: Rename the 'block sender' to 'mark as spam' and have it perform these actions:
  • add sender to the block sender list
  • move message to Junk folder
We all know that blocking a sender is pretty much useless because spammers don't ever re-use the same from address.

Here's a lengthy discussion on the topic:

echoDreamz Replied
Honestly, I'd sacrifice myself to the SmarterMail gods if it meant we have a "mark as spam" feature that did what kevind stated + move the .eml file to a spam folder that we can use to train our spam filters like we used to have. I miss that so much.
John Marx Replied
Also, on the main toolbar and not ... and then click. Seems spam is a "thing" with email and adding one extra click seems to be a bad UI design choice.
Bruce Replied
Please bring back 'Mark as spam'.

It makes moving spam emails to the spam folder much simpler and means that those emails that are moved to the Junk folder are auto-deleted after a set time instead of sitting clogging up customer inboxes.
kevind Replied
Rebooting this thread to request "Mark as Spam" be brought back to the web UI for all the reasons mentioned above.

Let's face it, the current Block Sender is not that useful as spammers don't re-use email addresses. And for legitimate senders like retail stores, the user should unsubscribe.

For some reason Block Sender causes confusion. We get calls often from users who say they aren't receiving messages. Turns out they mistakenly blocked a legitimate sender.
Hi all!

It would be great to have a button "Mark as SPAM" that move that message to SPAM folder, even if there's no training to spam filters.

It even would be great to have an integration of that button to an external spam solution like rSpamD and SpamAssassin (or others, the more the best)

kevind Replied
Bumping this thread. Request that it be changed from "Answered" to "Planned" for 2021.

Every mail system has this, so users expect it. It would help users clean up their Inbox and help admins review the spam that is coming in.

Ron Raley Replied
Yes, please bring the button back.  At the very least, it could populate a blacklist of e-mail addresses in the user account.

But ultimately, the button should be plugged into a brain (artificial intelligence system) that remembers and helps make future decisions for the entire mail server.

Isn't it called SmarterMail?
echoDreamz Replied
I'd sacrifice myself to the mail gods to have this button do what it used to... and that is... put mail into spam/ham folders at the system install location so we can train our filters...

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