New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 6919
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - December 11, 2018 at 5:39 PM
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Release notes for Build 6919

  • Added: Added the ability to set/get the domain hostname using the legacy APIs.
  • Fixed: "Failover not configured" warning banner shows even though failover is configured.
  • Fixed: 2-Step Authentication could allow logins with correct username/password but incorrect verification code.
  • Fixed: 2-Step Authentication domain propagation does not work.
  • Fixed: After upgrade domain catchall alias is no longer configured.
  • Fixed: After upgrade webmail shows deleted items with strike-through.
  • Fixed: Calendar appointments could span several days when synced via EWS.
  • Fixed: Domain "Disk Space MB" and "Max Message Size KB" return incorrect values in legacy APIs.
  • Fixed: During conversion there were cases where account size or max message size could convert to a negative number.
  • Fixed: Editing File Storage files does not immediately update the card information.
  • Fixed: Field validation throughout the interface.
  • Fixed: Folder auto clean is not working for domain level settings.
  • Fixed: IDS could trigger on attempts that contained the same user and password as previous attempts.
  • Fixed: IDS page does not populate the webmail grid with data.
  • Fixed: In Domain Accounts, unable to save the "Search Language Indexer" field to anything other than "Generic Indexer".
  • Fixed: Logging in with AppPasswords had the wrong device type.
  • Fixed: Maxsize is coming through as bytes instead of MBs using the legacy APIs.
  • Fixed: Mobile interface scrolling is broken.
  • Fixed: Multiple BCC recipients show up in the subject line when sending via EWS.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which Max Message Size is not evaluated correctly.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which users could lose signature mappings.
  • Fixed: There are several indexing related errors in the logs.
  • Fixed: Unable to set "Allow Guest Users" on new Team Workspaces.
  • Fixed: Uploading an account avatar and adjusting it does not save it properly in Safari.
  • Fixed: When viewing the interface in a RTL language, expanding or contracting the width of a pane is backwards.
  • Fixed: With "Disable AUTH LOGIN method for SMTP authentication" setting enabled, AUTH LOGIN is still advertised in SMTP sessions.
  • Fixed: You can save the General Settings page without any options enabled on the Security Protocols card (front-end issue only).

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