If you have not upgraded since friday evening 7pm EST then you should
Problem reported by Scott Carullo - 12/8/2018 at 8:01 AM
Even if the build is the same as what you are running the major build number is the same but the minor build is different.  Just hoping this helps someone out having problems like we had.  Cost me $400 late friday to become privy to this info and fix our problems which were 100% bugs.  There are still some left to fix but the major ones were addressed.  Their support has been awesome although I shouldn't have had to utilize it, or at least pay for it.  Caused me more money in customer support due to issues than I had to pay for emergency ticket.  At least smartertools has a great responsive community of users and support staff working with developers to address issues quickly.  Thanks.

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Paul Blank Replied
Scott, many thanks for your reports! It would also be helpful if you would report the full SM version. Safe to assume you are on v16.x?

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