New SmarterMail Release Available - Build 6913
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - December 5, 2018 at 8:10 PM
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Release notes for SmarterMail Build 6913 

IMPORTANT - If any BETA builds or builds prior to 6913 (Dec 5) were installed, all users must reattach any domain-shared conference rooms. In addition, any appointments that previously reserved a conference room must re-reserve the room.
Added - System admins can now correct individual invalid emails in Antispam > Trusted Senders > Trusted Email Addresses modal.
Changed - Added default dropdown selection to content filtering action and condition modals.
Changed - Made Delete/Undelete options in mail interface more contextual.
Fixed - A task with a link will have a horizontal scroll bar on its card.
Fixed - An HTML mailing list message may become malformed.
Fixed - Cannot rename a mapped Conference Room.
Fixed - Cannot save a modified event recurrence from "Every Weekday" to "Every Day(s)".
Fixed - Deleting an appointment with attendees does not delete the conference room.
Fixed - DNS PTR lookups are always returning as UnknownHost.
Fixed - EWS server doesn't always report deleted emails to the EWS client.
Fixed - IDS block counts do not align between the manage overview and the IDS block details page.
Fixed - If File Storage file does not have Public Access enabled, the password input validation error message still shows.
Fixed - Previously selected File Storage files are not deselected when changing folders.
Fixed - Removed 'Move' option from file right-click menu, and as a Select action, in file storage when viewing All Files.
Fixed - Setting calendar appointment "Day" to 31 sets the day to 3 instead for events created in November.
Fixed - Some of file storage saved images may be corrupted.
Fixed - Task grid view cannot be scrolled.
Fixed - When editing an event and adding or removing attendees, the Availability modal does not update with the modified attendees list.
Fixed - Whenever a File Storage item is updated, the scrollbar resets to the top of the page.

Derek Curtis
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Good to know. Any way to run minor upgrades or just upgrade the changes or must I run the full 50+MB installer as it affects various codes? (coming from build 6910)

EDIT: Seems I am unable to reply to this post now though I see a reply to thread button. So thanks for the reply anyways. Will do that.

Just run the full installer, Shivam. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278