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Problem reported by Ng Cher Choon - 8/22/2018 at 8:49 PM
We feel that certain things needs immediate attention from Smartermail developer. I know that they are working very hard, but these features asked for are not out-of-the-world. In fact, these are fundamentals of emails.
We have just bought SmarterMail Enterprise less than 3 weeks, and we are already facing many complaints from customers and they are not asking for too much. Here are the summary below. I believe the list will expand.
1) Save as Draft. 
    Microsoft ActiveSync v16 has the ability to sync and allows users to sync draft folder for both mobile and Outlook users since 2016. In today world, most users are mobile and will use both PC when they are back in their office and mobile phones when they are in the move. Hence, users will often like to save their draft in the server as they are often distracted half-way composing their emails. They can then referred them anywhere they like. As such, this feature should be made available to all SmarterMail and not just available to SmarterMail v17 as it is normal day to day requirement since email was born.
2) Confidential accounts should be invisible
     At the moment, confidential accounts can be disable from the Global Address List. However, they will appear to the users when the users start to share out their resources to the other colleagues by typing letter by letter in the sharing option. This is very undesirable as it is no longer confidential or hidden at all. What is the point of hiding in the Global Address List when it can be seen through the resources sharing. It becomes not confidential at all. This is a CRITICAL problem!
3) MAPI 
    EAS for Outlook does not allow folders from PST files to upload to the servers by drag and drop method. Although creating the same accounts with IMAP will solve this problem, this is not a way to resolve it. SmarterMail v17 is coming with MAPI and we are hoping to see how this works. We have tested the competitor's product and they are able to upload it from the PST files without any problem. Also, in the Email software industry, competitor does not charge MAPI protocol at all and we are wondering why Smartermail is doing so. We hope we see Smartermail will be seriously look into this.
4) BCC 
    Those accounts using on the EAS for Outlook are facing a tremendous problem in viewing the BCC field within their Outlook when they sent out an email with many recipients in the BCC field. Although the workaround was to view the header with the message in Outlook inside, it takes too many steps in doing so, thus this becomes cumbersome. Like previously, viewing those recipients in the BCC fields by the sender should be made easier to view in the EAS for Outlook. If this does not solve the problem, then MAPI should look into these kind of simple requirement. 
If anyone has further update, you can add them in the list. Just that we have to be fair to the SmarterMail developers and we should be asking for something that are basic and not a super features of emails.

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Paul Blank Replied
Thanks for consolidating these issues into one thread.

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