User's Disk Usage Doesn't Match Server Properties

There may be times when the disk usage listed for a user may not exactly match what the properties for the user folder say on the server. This is because SmarterMail manages, and calculates, overall disk usage for a user and domain internally rather than polling the disk. This is to save precious disk i/o. As an email server is already hard on disk i/o, SmarterMail does what it can to preserve as much as possible for the processing of email.

That said, it IS possible to clear out the disk usage data SmarterMail stores, and have it re-calculated to better match what a user's properties say on the disk. AFTER stopping the mailservice.exe, simply delete 3 files:

  • Filestore.xml - which is located, by default, at c:\smartermail\domains\the_domain_name\Users\Media\Filestore\
  • mailbox.cfg - which is located, by default, at c:\smartermail\domains\the_domain_name\Users\the_user_name\Mail\Inbox
  • root.cfg - which is located, by default, at c:\smartermail\domains\the_domain_name\Users\the_user_name\Mail\

Once you re-start the mailservice.exe, SmarterMail will rebuild these 3 files using information from the disk. Once the files are rebuilt, the disk usage summary for that user will match what it says on disk. 

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