SmarterMail and Virtual Directories or Domains

SmarterMail was never designed to work when domains were set up in virtual directories or as virtual domains. In some cases, it DID work, but there are inherent problems when using SmarterMail with virtual directories. Therefore, they were never officially supported, and the use of virtual directories was discouraged.

Due to the .NET framework that SmarterMail utilizes, virtual directories and domains are prohibited. As a result, during an upgrade of SmarterMail, or even a new installation where sites already exist in IIS and those sites will be used in SmarterMail, any sites set up in IIS that utilize virtual directories are flagged and the upgrade/install process will not finish. System administrators will need to resolve this in order to proceed.

To resolve the IIS configuration, there are two options: 
  1. System administrators will need to transition IIS sites using virtual directories or virtual domains to top level domains in IIS. Once this is done, the installation/upgrade can be started again and should proceed as normal. 
  2. On new installations only (NOT upgrades), System administrators can remove the virtual directory site completely. When the installation is started again, the installer will prompt to create a new site instead. It should be noted, of course, that deleting IIS entries deletes the sites as well. So this should only be done if there is no actual site associated to the domains in IIS.