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Idea shared by Roeland Buisman - June 25, 2018 at 4:49 AM
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good morning! 
I have to quite simple reuqests I think.: 
Would it be possible to create the possibility to hide icons in the menubar that are not used? 
Would it be piossible to create the possibility to make custom links to other pages so they will be embedded in the same screen. I would like to create custom links in the menubar so I can more easily switch to my other frequently used CMS system. 
for example: 
or :
It would make working a lot easier for me (and I think also for many others) 
it could be done via an Iframe maybe. Or with links that are in the same site. 
Hope to hear from you! 

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We do not plan to implement the ability to add external links or display external sites inside of SmarterTrack, primarily due to concerns over security. Displaying additional web pages or applications in an iframe within SmarterTrack could potentially be a security problem, or it could cause functionality problems. Part of the problem is that web pages in an iframe can, using javascript, access the page which contains the iframe. In addition, if it a web page is not designed to be displayed in an iframe, it can trigger a browser memory leak. Without permitting additional sites to be hosted within an iframe, the utility of allowing custom links is questionable. Such functionality is currently offered by browsers via bookmarks and tabbed browsing.
We are considering the ability to manage the top navigation menu items - change the order, turn sections off, etc.

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