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Idea shared by kevind - April 14 at 7:53 AM
Just wondering the status of the beta program as I haven't seen much activity.  There were a few bugs posted a couple weeks ago, with no response from ST...
FWIW, it takes a lot of effort to do beta testing
  • set up a new, non-production server
  • install software & configure a test domain
  • add DNS records, route mail, risk losing messages if it's a real domain
  • test, document bugs, and post on forum
  • etc.
Suggest rewarding beta testers with quick feedback and maybe even discounts on future purchases.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hi Kevin,
I'm so sorry about the delay. It was a slow start to the BETA thread feedback, but we do have all of the bug reports and feature requests that we have been submitted. We appreciate all of your feedback and the effort that it takes to participate in BETA testing. I will bring up a discussion for possible incentives for BETA testers, and I will let you know of any feedback I hear.
Andrea Rogers 
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