What value do I need to provide to svcTickets.AddTicketNoteHtml to make the note a "Sticky Note"?
Problem reported by PDSI Support - April 13 at 1:57 PM
Being Fixed
I'm calling svcTickets.AddTicketNoteHtml(AuthUserName, AuthPassword, TicketNumber, "Sticky Note", notetext)
Each time it results in the comment being added as a General Comment
What are the correct values for each of the following comment types?
  • General Comment
  • Follow-up
  • Transfer Comment
  • Resolution
  • Sticky Comment

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Andrew Barker Replied
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I have gone ahead and changed this thread to a problem as it appears that the case for sticky notes was never added to the API.
The accepted values, at present, for comment types are:
  • For a General Comment, use "note".
  • For a Follow-up comment, use "followup".
  • For a Transfer Comment, use "transfernote".
  • For a Resolution Comment, use "resolution".
All other values will default to a General Comment.
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