Any way to limit XMPP concurrent connections per user?
Question asked by Rafael Grecco - 4/12/2018 at 8:20 AM
As the title say, is there a way to limit XMPP concurrent connections per user?
The problem is: I have a costumer that uses a desktop client to access the chat using XMPP.
Some users close the chat application (they don't sign out).
When they want to chat again, they open the chat application and a new login is made. Now Smartermail thinks that the user is logged twice (2 devices). This can happen multiple times.
Then, when this user receives a message, he receives X number of repeated messages (depending on how many times he/she closed and opened the application). This means X number of chat windows being opened at once.
To solve this, a simple "Allow only one connection at a time" check box was enough, so whenever a user logged in the chat, the previous connection was aborted, leaving only the most recent one active.
Is this option already available? I didn't find it. If not, is it possible to implement it?
PS - It just came to my mind that maybe there is a client where this behavior does not happen. If so, can you recommend me one?

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