MIssing subfolders/emails
Problem reported by Joe Mocerino - 3/8/2018 at 10:27 AM
We have clients calling in 1 or 2 a day, saying they are missing subfolder and emails. We see on our server they have 600mb for example, when we log into smartermailit shows 200mb. Why does this keep happening???  Reindexing does nothing at all. Reloading does nothing. We can not shut down our service to delete and remove the mailbox.cfg or root.cfg. What other solution is there to fix this and prevent it? Running smartermail 16.x

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John Marx Replied
Kind of the same way here. Webmail shows one number, Outlook ActiveSync shows one number, and Outlook (same Outlook) IMAP shows an entirely different number. 
Scott Forsythe Replied
A fix was posted here. ST recommends opening a ticket.
We're seeing this with 15.x. It happens to users that use something other than webmail. Folders they created disappear. We had luck switching users from IMAP to MS ActiveSync.

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