SM 16 Restore missing folders
Question asked by dean brown - 2/22/2018 at 8:22 AM
Once again a user has lost all their folders. They are on the HD, but not in Outlook 2016 or Webmail
I'm trying to follow these directions:
But when it asks for the folder path, how to a point to a folder out side of the Inbox? (the example shows Inbox\Example - I need the 100 folders outside of the Inbox)
I've tried restoring one of the folders (one named Archive, for example), but nothing happens (the windows just closes with no other message or action)

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Von-Austin See Replied
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Since the folder rebuild needs to take place on many folders you may have better luck with the following process:
  1. Stop the SmarterMail service and verify that mailservice.exe terminates gracefully.
  2. Navigate to the users Mail folder and delete the root.cfg file. This file controls the mapping for the folders in the users directory.
  3. Start the SmarterMail service.
  4. The users Root.CFG file will be rebuilt based on the folders detected in the Mail folder for this user.
  5. Sign into the SM Web interface as the user to verify the folders have been restored. 
I hope this helps ! you may want to consider opening a ticket with our support department to determine why these folder mappings are being removed. 
Von See
Technical Support Supervisor
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
dean brown Replied
Thx - I'll try it tonight
Doreen Jones Replied
Does this also apply if the user is losing all their emails but not the folders?

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