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Problem reported by Valentin Ciocan - 1/8/2018 at 4:03 AM
I`ve got this issue that happens now and then, didn`t give it much importance but it has been happening to a few people now. 
An email is received by someone and the time stamp is set to 00:00 even though in the logs and in message header the right time stamp is showed, cause of this, the email is pushed to the bottom of the pile and is missed half of the type. Has anyone had this issue?  
Version: 16.3.6474

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Hi Valentin,
This isn't an issue that I've personally seen or one that I've heard reported, and I'm unfortunately not sure what might be causing it. This might require a review by the Support Department.
Before that, however, would you please try upgrading your server to the latest version? 16.3.6474 was released on Sep 22, and since then, we've had many updates. While the release notes don't show a fix specifically for this, it could be resolved with an upgrade to 16.3.6579. Here's how to perform a Minor Upgrade of SmarterMail
If the issue persists, I'd be happy to help you contact Support for further troubleshooting.
Valentin Ciocan Replied
Thank you Andrea, I`ve updated now to SmarterMail 16.3.6579 Will see how it goes. Done a few test emails but couldn`t replicate it. Fingers crossed its fixed :)

Kind regards,
Michael Gralke Augusto Replied
I have just, out of curiosity, opened (and paid) for an Smartermail V16 account with a local competitor and was really surprised in finding that they have not applied any updates for the last 4 month!

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