aliases with user group
Idea shared by Joe Joe - December 10, 2017 at 8:11 PM
when set aliases,it can let domain level to type who can
* get the mails sent to the aliases
* send the mails from/as the aliases
for instance,i create a sales group(department),
it may have 11 users,when i set the aliases,
i may mistake losing certain one's mailbox or add extra mailbox,
i want to ask if you can add a field for us to choose which group to add directly.
by the way,when i set a sales@ aliases,
i can set it for sales group(department) directly,
or course,i can let a aliases for multiple group and other people,
not limit with only one group.
when certain man leave sales group and change to tech support group,
he will never get the sales@ mails but another group support@ ,
with the feature,domain level do not need manually change it every time when people leaving or new people joins.
or you had already have the feature but just i do not find it ?

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