SmarterTrack 13 Admin? Hey, it's not so bad...
Idea shared by Michael Woffenden - 11/23/2017 at 1:50 PM
Ever since the release of ST13 I have had a lot of trouble tolerating the new UI.  It seems to be such a step back, visually, from ST12. And after a couple of weeks using ST13, it has not grown on me one bit.
So I have three choices ... 1) rollback to V12 and forego any improvements that ST13 and subsequent versions would bring ... 2) learn to like it as is ... or 3) try to apply some styles to make it, well, not so bad.
I went with option 3.  So here is my first attempt to hack the UI so that I could at least stand to look at it, and maybe like it -- even if just a little bit.  And I'm hoping some of you out there can also benefit!

Improvements include:

  • Better looking fonts
  • Splashes of color
  • Adjusting some padding
  • Adjusting the look of the ticket comments
  • Trying to make a sticky note look like a sticky note (only partial success so far)
  • And my favorite ... showing only the ticket subject in the left pane, which allows viewing a lot more tickets.  The list is also less cluttered.


  • Improvements are focused on Tickets, although I might work on some other areas later.
  • Tested only on Firefox for Mac.  Your mileage might vary on other browsers.
  • CSS is provided as-is with no warranty.  If it breaks your UI at all, you're on your own.
  • Designed only for having the pane on the right and only for the light theme.
  • Future enhancements to SmarterTrack could break these styles.
  • Since there are currently no admin hooks into CSS, you'll need to use a tool such as Stylish to install the styles.
  • Feel free to comment, copy it, use it, improve on it. 
Oh, if one of you CSS gurus can get that search magnifier to float to the right (staying to the left of the X), please let me know!

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try this..
.SearchBarContainer {display:table!important;width: 100%!important;}
.SearchBarContainer input {float:left!important;width: 80%!important;}
That worked perfectly, thanks Craig!
I've added your code to my Git Gist.

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