ST13 - Custom CSS for management interface?
Question asked by Michael Woffenden - November 4, 2017 at 4:54 PM
I did some tests with custom CSS and it appears that the custom styles only apply to the main portal and not the management portal.
Is this by design?

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We also just upgraded to ST13 and noticed the custom CSS for the admin area no longer works. 
I installed a copy of 13 on my test box and did a quick review. I noticed during testing that the buttons we hide are now showing but I had noticed they were now using different ID/Name attributes so I would just be able to adjust my CSS to match. Well that plan failed when I noticed there is no longer a section to fill out this custom CSS for the admin portal. At least if there is, I am not seeing it now.
You guys didn't build full support into the portal for external providers. External providers for custom fields and ticket work great from the front end but are absolutely useless when making tickets in the back end as they are not used/don't work there. We have to use custom CSS in the admin portal as part of our integration to our billing and accounting. So using CSS we hide certain buttons/options in the back end to avoid errors and confusion from employees. This ties in with a few features I wrote and worked without issue before upgrading to 13.
Please address and resolve this issue as soon as possible.
In the same boat here! We have temporarily worked around this by adding our custom CSS directly into the CSS file for each of the themes. But this, obviously, requires repeating the procedure every time we install ST update. Hoping this will get addressed soon.
Yup, I monkey patched ours as well.
We are using the browser addon Stylish to apply our custom styles.
Serge Baranovsky Replied
I just installed the v14.0 and don't see any custom CSS options for the themes... 
Assuming this has been ignored.
Andrew Barker Replied
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Custom CSS settings are brand specific for the portal only. We currently do not have any custom CSS for the management interface. Any CSS included in the custom settings which is intended to modify the management interface will not be applied. Any management styling was removed due to several instances where the interface was damaged beyond usability by the custom CSS. The small benefit did not outweigh the risk of potential damage.

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