Admin/Tickets - Treeview does not always update. Can this be fixed?
Problem reported by Michael Woffenden - 11/22/2017 at 8:57 AM
There are many instances where the Treeview does not always update. 
This is just one example .... I just changed a ticket from Active to Waiting, and the tree did not update.  There are many other cases ... to many to list.
Can this be fixed?

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Yes. It's an issue with SignalR that's not firing in all cases, on some customers' servers. We're not seeing it in our installation, but others have seen the issue. IT's being worked on and we do plan on having a fix in place. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Michael Woffenden Replied
Thanks for the reply Derek. It's good to know that someone is looking into it and we do have hope of getting a fix!

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