Performance Calendar (16.3.6496)
Problem reported by P. Schuler - October 27, 2017 at 3:36 PM
My users are not very amused on the performance of the new calendar... (16.3.6496)
Create a new appointment takes too much time! Instead of opening an new window (popup resp. tab on Mobil) it would be much more useful to just open a small <div> container to enter subject.
Within this small container should be the buttons "Save" and "Edit"
This version on my tablet opens a new tab. After editing the subject, the save button is behind browsers address list, scroll does not work. (Workaround: click into subject field restores the button)
Vertical view on tablet doesn't give me Day, Week, Month view. (600x900px)
(Please compare calendar view and performance with Google calendar)
Trying to use Opera Mini (newest, 31.0.2254...) tells me this browser is not supported!! What the h.... How come only Chrome Firefox and Edge? There are reasons to use other modern and secure browsers....

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I just upgraded to version 16.3.6508.  Found that when looking at calendars on a PC using Firefox or Chrome, after changing to another month, day, or week, the calendar would default to the scroll bar at mid page.  Events at the top would not show until scrolling up.  I'm pretty sure many users will miss that and assume nothing is there.  So it's not just Opera!  This and other issues are show stoppers for me.  Reverting back to an older version. . .
I did request my hosting company to upgrade to latest version.
However the issues discussed and handled above are per my viewpoint not the performance issue.
Adding a new appointment should not first open a PopUp but <div> container. Most appointments do just need a subject.

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