Configure IMAP or POP for eM Client

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 16.x and earlier.
Using IMAP or POP3, you can sync your SmarterMail mailbox with eM Client. 
IMAP is a protocol that keeps all messages and folders on the server. Unlike POP, IMAP offers two-way communication between all folders in your SmarterMail mailbox and your email client(s). This means when you log into the SmarterMail web interface, actions you perform on email clients and mobile devices will automatically appear in the web interface, and vice versa.
With POP3, your mail is saved in a mailbox on the remote server until you check your mail. When you check your mail, all of the mail in your inbox is downloaded to your computer and is no longer maintained on the server. If you use POP3 and are traveling or checking your mail from multiple locations, you will not be able to view any of your old mail because the messages only exist on the computer on which you originally received your mail.

NOTE: If setting up an IMAP account, and you plan on using CalDAV/CardDAV for syncing calendars and contacts, see this following article: IMAP and WebDAV for eM Client.
Follow the steps below to create an IMAP or POP3 connection to SmarterMail in eM Client:
  1. Within eM Client, go to the Tools menu and click Accounts then New account...
  2. Expand the Mail section, choose Other then click Next.
  3. Enter your SmarterMail email address and click Next.
  4. Select IMAP or POP3 for the type of incoming server you're using and complete the remaining fields. Click Next.
  5. Modify any of the auto-populated fields, if necessary. Click Next.
  6. If there are any failed configuration tests, click Fix to attempt to resolve the error. If no errors, click Next.
  7. Make any necessary modifications to the account's display names to be used within eM Client and click Next.
  8. Click Finish to complete the configuration. 
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Your article states "When you check your mail, all of the mail in your inbox is downloaded to your computer and is no longer maintained on the server.". Is this true? I have a setting in Outlook that says "Leave message on server" and a box to put in a number to delete after a number of days. I always assumed this setting worked. Are you telling me if I use POP3 messages will be removed from the server no matter what the client email application is telling me?
Brad Tapp (12/11/2015 at 8:37 AM)
Brad, if your client offers that setting then yes, a copy of your email should stay on the server. However, by default, POP does download all email from the mail server to the client.
Derek Curtis (12/13/2015 at 11:22 AM)