SM16 - When Creatintg E-mail Message and New E-mail Arrives in Inbox, Compose Window Loses Focus
Problem reported by Ron Raley - 10/3/2017 at 10:58 AM
In Internet Explorer 11, when creating a new e-mail message, the window focus (composing e-mail) will be lost in the background when a new e-mail message arrives in the user's inbox.
This is driving a few users nuts as they are typing an e-mail and all of a sudden everything goes away.
Issue does not seem to exist in Google Chrome or Firefox.
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Anthony DePinto Replied
We noticed a similar issue when you open a message to a separate popup and it becomes read in the users inbox. The response to this was: 
"This appears to be a side effect of how IE handles focus. When an event like a message being marked as read happens we ensure that the mail list is refocused so hotkeys continue to work on it. IE though apparently allows other windows to also take focus away from each other so when the main window focuses the list it pushes the popout behind it. Modern browsers (including Edge and Safari) don't allow this as it clearly can be inconvenient to users, but unfortunately there isn't a simple way around it for IE."
Seems to be this is not something that cannot be 'fixed'
Ron Raley Replied
Thanks for the information. This sadly makes SmarterMail 16 incompatible with Internet Explorer.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft figured it out somehow.

How can we expect users to be typing an email and the window just goes away? I'm surprised that this issue hasn't been brought up more.
Matthew Leyda Replied
Yet another reason to stay on version 15
Kendra Support
Junk Email filtered ISP
Ron Raley Replied
I decided to use one our tickets to address this issue with SmarterTools.  Rod has advised me that this will be reviewed with the developers and will provide an update.  Thanks, Ron
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello All,
I believe we have found a work around for this and it should be in our next release.
Ron Raley Replied

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