SmarterMail 16.3.6467 Now Available
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - September 15, 2017 at 11:58 AM
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We've just released the latest minor version of SmarterMail 16.3.6467! Check out the release notes for more information:

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When setting up more than 2 numbers in users global address list in this release still only 2 numbers will be saved. These settings are important for the mail signatures. I'm now requesting the solution of this issue for the third time!

Again, thank you very much to SmarterTools for implementing the advanced search and now setting string as the default search criteria. It works but it's slow comparing to the search in SmarterMail 15.x and earlier.

And the search should be accessible at a more prominent place because it's a often used feature. It's still hidden behind the folder icon at the bottom of the left window pane. This isn't very user friendly. It's a very often requested change by the community. SmarterTools, please make the advanced search accessible an easier way. What about placing a button on top of the window near to switching between mail and calendar etc.?
This version corrected a lots issues. Thanks a lot first.
Unfortunately, we shortly found a new bug while creating a new user:
Can't browser AD account.  It always show "VALIDATION_INVALID_URL_LDAP"
Fortunately, we still can create a local user then switch the authentication to AD
to be authenticated.   
Thanks Smarter team for the update,
I have just installed last night and till this morning I do not see any detail for my spool overview 
Any issue with this for other user??
Thanks in advance
Has anyone else seen a dramatic increase in RAM usage in this version? We have seen a 2x RAM usage increase right away just by installing this last update.
Installed the update over the weekend and content filtering is still not right. Cannot add any filters that will add text to the email header as an action. In fact anything that is text related seems to be broken in content filtering. This is really getting to be a pain. So buggy since upgrading to 16.x Have to delay a major customization I promised due to this latest issue.
This is the problem that I described in my earlier thread about not being able to add text to actions shown below - 

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