Ticket Priority Sorting Smartertrack PROBLEM
Problem reported by Emanuele Tomasi - September 4, 2017 at 6:03 AM
I want a specific order for my priorities, I see that in the sql table st_TicketPriorities there is a field "SortOrder" I set the correct order but doesn't work, on Smartertrack the order is casual.
Someone can help?
This is an example of sql table :
TicketPriorityID / EnglishName / DisplayName / SortOrder
1 Bugs related with applications in production ~TicketPriority_Bugs related with applications in production 3
2 Operation issues (tickets) from helpdesk ~TicketPriority_Operation issues (tickets) from helpdesk 2
3 Urgent operation issues (tickets) from helpdesk ~TicketPriority_Urgent operation issues (tickets) from helpdesk 1
4 Bugs related with ongoing projects ~TicketPriority_Bugs related with ongoing projects 4
5 Bugs very low impact ~TicketPriority_Bugs very low impact 5

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