Kill the Padding, Kill the Padding, and Kill the Padding on SmarterMail 16
Idea shared by Ron Raley - 8/2/2017 at 11:04 AM
Kill the padding across the board.  Less scrolling is better!  Make it sleek and dense.
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Agreed. IMO, webmail should replace desktop apps (Outlook), not mobile apps.

Not many people use the browser on their smartphone to check email. https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a87523/why-new-ui-in-smartermail-16.aspx

New UI in sm16 is pretty hilarious. 300px wide fixed message list with no field control. If this UI was meant to kill Outlook, consider that ticket still open. :) 90% of my 4k screen is unused, and I'm locked to using it that way.
There is not a webmail interface on earth that will make me replace Outlook....
Sounds like a challenge for the ST Dev Team.
Not a challenge, there is no website on earth that will make me replace any native app. Once this SM API goes 100%, we will be creating a native Windows app so we never have to open the web interface again :)
Nice. Please share with the rest of us. Too bad ST just spent the last 1.5 years re-writing the web interface. :)

But there are a few people that use webmail (easier to set up and less $ than Outlook), so the primary request to make it more usable on the desktop is valid.
Wont be a shared item, it will integrate into our Windows control app that all of our support staff uses.

I know many prefer the web interface, personally, I dont. I hate using web interfaces when I can get away from it. v15's interface was "usable", but unfortunately I just cannot get with the design of v16. Slow, clunky, most of our customers who did like the previous web interface have asked how to configure T-Bird, Outlook, Windows Mail etc.
Yeah, similar opinions/reactions here. Unfortunate.

We've suggested some UX improvements (example below), but no results yet.

Someone remarked it's going through the Windows 8 stage and the next release will be better. :)
Yes, I have faith it will get better, but for me, it's no dice, though it is better than the early beta I saw, so it is going the right direction.
Yeah, that's an unfortunate result of making it responsive -- wasted screen space and more scrolling for desktop users. I tried to point that out here, but didn't make much headway:

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