[Feature Request] Email chat transcript
Idea shared by Don Hunter - 7/6/2017 at 6:21 PM
Please add ability to email the chat transcript.

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Hi Don!
The ability for an end user to send a transcript once a chat is inactive is enabled by default. As long as an SMTP account is assigned to the department, the option will be available after the live chat survey.  
That said, as a SmarterTrack agent, I personally would love the ability to manually send a transcript of an inactive live chat. This would be useful if the user didn't see the transcript option or left the chat before it was disconnected. If that's what you're looking for, then I'll definitely show my support on the thread with an upvote. :) 
This is a very basic feature which I am unable to find the ST live chat :(. I can see this post 3 year old and still this feature not available in the latest version.
We are using 3rd party live chat system providersupport which have this feature. We tried to switch to ST chat as we are using ticketing system but after huge disappointment we shall not recommend Smarter track live chat.
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Hello Tahir, 

This functionality is available in newer versions of SmarterTrack. At the end of a live chat, a user has the option to email a chat transcript. Agents can also email the chat transcript of a completed live chat by clicking on the chat's Actions (...) button and choosing Email Transcript. 

In the modal window that appears, they can add or modify the email address, as needed.

If you don't see this option on a completed live chat, please be sure that the associated department has an SMTP account configured. 
@Andrea Rogers   Thanks for update but unfortunately this is not the solution. In modern digital system or we can say automation we shall not depend for manual intervene  by guiding Agent to manually initiate the Chat Transcript.

What we are looking for is to auto generate Transcript whenever chat session end. This option should be part of the solution as we have found almost all other chat system provide this option.
++Additional Input/Suggestion:

ST has already event with name "Live Chat Ended Notification"... Sample email info below which generated by ST after ending chat

Live chat [3LK-26E43d50-0009] has ended in the group "Sales Department".
 Customer Email -- Customerxy@Hostmail.com
 Messages Received -- 4
 Messages Sent -- 5
  Customer IP --
 Customer Name -- Tony3

If you guys include/provide variable that fetch & display actual messages/transcript in this event then this will resolve this matter.
is smarter tool team considering to add this feature in the system ?

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