Query String Length Exceeds Maximum Length

While Who's On is enabled, information about a visitor's current session is passed to SmarterTrack via requests to a specific URL. Along with basic information such as the user's display name and email address, other information is sometimes passed as well, such as the page URL they are coming from or going to. If this data exceeds 2,048 characters (Microsoft's default), an error will be reported in SmarterTrack's error logs and certain information will not be available for a visitor to your site.

If there are no custom changes to the web.config file, then simply replacing the file with the version of the web.config included in the SmarterTrack 6.2 (or later) installation will resolve this issue. However, if there are custom changes to your web.config, the administrator will need to modify the file slightly. Locate the following line in your existing web.config file:

This line needs to be replaced with the following line:

The value of maxQueryStringLength can be set to whichever value you prefer. SmarterTools recommends making this value at least double its default value if you are planning to use the Who's On feature. This will ensure that all information will be passed to SmarterTrack correctly.


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