SM v15.6.6347 issues anyone?
Problem reported by Randy Armbrecht - 6/5/2017 at 2:10 PM
updated to v15.6.6347 this past Thursday night; didn't have any issues Friday.  Hoping that this update would fix the ActiveSync issues our customers were experiencing over past few Weeks.
But today, I had the following issues:
1. 9:00am: restart SM Mail Servcie (ActiveSync hosed up again)
2. 4pm - ALL Services locked up (POP, IMAP, SMTP, ActiveSync).  had to reboot server, as Stop/Start SM Mail service did not fix the issue
3. 5pm: Again ALL Services locked up - restarted SM Mail Service
Anyone else having services issues after the upgrade?

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David Jamell Replied
I upgraded one server over the weekend and so fa so good.
BUT, I'm not using ActiveSync.
viv burrows Replied
We have had constant issues with SM and EAS until we updated to SM16, it is the first time that it has worked successfully.
There are things I don't really like about SM16 but for our purposes they seem to have corrected the Active Sync ones
GW Replied
Hi viv burrows, care to share your EAS issue before upgrading to SM16?
GW Replied
So far, I am having E-mails not being delivered from mail listing to most of the subscribers and asking around whether it's a bug or what.
Tim DeMeza Replied
I had a very similar issue yesterday just before 5PM Eastern. (not that the time is relevant). I had to do an IIS Reset and START (it was not running) the SmarterMail Service. So the service itself crashed.

I believe this to be the error (Below) that took my SmarterMail service down. The error indicates an unexpected network error. My problem is that this is a SAN that has over 100TB of free space. I have 25 other server communicating in real time with that SAN and nothing else logged or detected this. The sever that SM is running on is an up to date 2012 R2 virtual machine. Only SM is running on it. None of the other VM's or physical machines even blipped. I mention this so that people can watch this. It just seemed weird, it was right after (3 days after) the update to this version . Just in case something is wrong.

We are also seeing this recurring since the update:

In my SmarterMail 15.6.6347 Error Logs I keep seeing this and almost all users have entries recurring every couple of minutes:

[2017.06.07] =======
[2017.06.07] [CurrentUser: user@mydomain.example]
[2017.06.07] [6/7/2017 1:28:28 PM]
[2017.06.07] http://mail.mydomain.example/Services/svcRealTimeService.asmx/GetUpdates
[2017.06.07] System.Exception: Null exception (likely a 404 or something else produced by IIS)
[2017.06.07] Application Error
[2017.06.07] =======

Thank you.
Randy Armbrecht Replied
Found the issue on our end.  Hyper-V was having conflicts with the storage array. It would cause a momentary blip in connection and the SMail VM didn't like it.  Upgraded the NIC cards on storage arrays and so far so good

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