[BUG] Chrome Doesn't Auto-Suggest Email Address on Login Page
Problem reported by Shaun Peet - June 5, 2017 at 6:37 AM
I think this may have been reported before but perhaps not articulated specifically enough.
On the login page, when clicking into the Email box, Google Chrome does not auto-suggest anything so the user has to fully re-enter their email address every time.  In Edge, Firefox, and IE the auto-suggest works per the screenshots below.
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
And Old Faithful
As a side-note, in Chrome when clicking into the Password box it does auto-suggest recently used passwords.  But our users who have multiple email addresses (myself being one of them) report this as a pain.

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This is fixed in Version 16.0.6369 (June 9).  Please update the status of this to resolved.
I'll submit a separate feature request for the ability to control the value of the <title></title>.

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